Professional real estate photography in Vancouver has become a fundamental thing nowadays. If you are looking for a powerful marketing tool that can easily communicate and attract new buyers or clients, then there is nothing else that can speak the real value of a real estate project than a high-resolution and clear image. And this can only be achieved by working with a professional real estate photography service provider. When combined with a complete package of twilight photography, virtual staging along with a cinematic film, you can easily take all things to a higher level of attraction and visual communication. With this, not only will you be able to show that you can go the extra mile to keep your clients satisfied, but you will be able to move ahead of your competitors. The services can be used by realtors, property managers, interior decorators, interior designers, construction companies, property owners and more.

Increasing Popularity of Real Estate Photography In Vancouver

Marketing a property listing has become more complicated as well as competitive. Nowadays, buyers want to make informed decisions, and you need to help them with that if you want to attract more customers to your property. The best real estate photography Vancouver BC specialists can provide them with the exact level of exposure.

There is a very simple yet important trend in the global real estate world: well-captured photos can help sell homes faster. It has been proved that professional and beautiful listing property photographs will easily inspire faster sales and more showing and can also lead to higher purchase prices. At Fraser Valley Virtual, we believe that professional real estate photography should be consistent and simple, as every single property listing deserves the best. We understand that stunning real estate photography is an effective way to stand out in the crowd. That's why Fraser Valley Virtual's sole purpose is to craft superior quality images that will make your property get noticed. When you work with professionals for professional real estate photography in Vancouver, you will get magazine-worthy photography. You are living in a digital era, where making and sharing amazing media of your property on social media and websites has become fundamental for the growth of your business. Professional real estate photographers always work hard and utilise advanced technology and photography equipment to come up with beautiful photographs to effectively showcase all the listings that are captured artistically. You can focus more on other important aspects of your business. A huge number of potential buyers start their house search online. On the other hand, more than 80 percent of home buyers utilise the internet to find a house and other information before they can see it in person. The first thing that most homebuyers carefully review in a property listing is the photos. If the photos are not great, then you may lose a lot of potential buyers. So, don't take any risk and go for real estate photography in Vancouver to click amazing photos of your property.

There is no doubt that real estate experts are savvy entrepreneurs, but some of them lack the artistic skill which is crucial in creating perfect photographs. So, they need to hire someone with proper expertise and training to emphasise the listing for better growth and success of your business. Most realtors function under a tight time frame. Regularly, they deal with hundreds of emails, dozens of phone calls, meetings and more. By opting for the best real estate photography, you will not just get great property photos, but also your photos will be ready to be printed and listed within a few hours. Besides, properties photographed by experts sell at a higher price compared to traditional houses captured by an amateur. This can be an excellent selling point that you can use in your market strategy. If you are searching for a professional and experienced real estate photographer, then you can always get in touch with Fraser Valley Virtual. The model of the services is created on timely delivery, personalised attention, superior quality, and affordability. Besides, you will also enjoy a range of real estate photography packages, like HDR photography, flash photography, twilight photography, virtual staging, flambient photography, cinematic film and more. Go for professional real estate photography in Vancouver now.


Well, most of the appointments are created based on the availability of parties; there are certain preferred times of the day for better photographs. As per the experts, west-facing properties are perfectly captured in the early afternoon. On the other hand, for east-facing homes, the best time for photo shooting is in the morning. For north-facing homes, the morning time can be a perfect time. No matter what is the direction of your home, it can be greatly benefitted from being captured during twilight. Contact our experts for more suggestions.
The total time it takes to complete the real estate photography in Vancouver will depend on whether it is a commercial building or a home. However, the most important factor is the size of the property. It is advisable to remain prepared for around one hour. Sometimes, it can take more time for homes, larger buildings and properties. You can always discuss the time needed for the real estate photoshoot while making an appointment.
No, it is not mandatory, as with the house owner's permission, we can get access to the property through a lockbox. However, if you want, you can also be there during the shoot. While recording a 3D tour, photographers should be provided with complete access to your property for a few hours, and during the shoot, you also need to remain hidden from the camera to come up with a perfect finished product.
We will focus on and photograph the finished spaces of the property. We would not cover unfinished attics, garages, basements, or other par unless the real estate agent specifically requests to do so,